As Internet and network traffic volume continues to rapidly increase, so too must the network technology that makes it all possible. Corporations and government agencies depend on network technology to conduct business and make use of information.  Thus, there is an ever-increasing demand for improved speed and efficiency of networks, which act as driving forces for technological innovations.

Organizations are relying less on centralized mainframe and mid-range systems for their data processing needs.  Instead, there is an increased use of laptops, PCs, tablets, and servers.

Wilson Consulting Group’s (WCG) network solutions enable businesses to take advantage of modern communication technologies to advance in the market.  WCG offers a variety of network solutions such as layer 2 and 3 switches, router technologies, wireless routers, IP-based communication systems and various IP telephony and collaboration solutions to help organizations keep pace with technology advancements.  The implementation of these products allows organizations to:

  • Improve secured data sharing
  • Enhance connectivity and communication
  • Provide faster network and Internet access
  • Provide improved network performance and balancing