Many organizations handle a plethora of sensitive information on a daily basis. Much of it is transmitted by email. Whether it’s patient or student records, confidential blueprints, financial reports, legal documents, or a whole host of other information, you should not be relying on basic email.

Secure messaging is an essential service that protects, tracks, and controls all business communication to ensure the integrity of sensitive information. Organizations that rely on digital messaging or online file transfer require an email security strategy that complies with industry regulations, ensures data privacy, secures mobile devices, and encrypts communication with external parties.

To satisfy this need, Wilson Consulting Group (WCG) offers Cirius Secure Messaging, one of the industry’s best solutions for secure email, file sharing, and e-signatures. Cirius is compliant with federal regulations, such as HIPAA (Healthcare), SOX & SEC (Finance), and GLBA (Insurance).

With Cirius Secure Messaging, you can:

  • SHARE information and improve productivity with efficient one-click encryption, large file(5GB) transfer capabilities, secure e-signatures, and secure web forms.
  • CONTROL messages with expiration dates, forward or print lock, and true email recall.
  • COMPLY with regulation standards through data residency, data jurisdiction, encryption, and full data retention.

Cirius allows users to secure, track, and control messages in Microsoft Outlook. Cirius can be used on any browser or mobile device and can be integrated within any third-party system or application to deliver secure messaging features seamlessly and hassle-free.

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