Power and Utility Company Case History

SCENARIO: A power and utility company needed to fix network performance problems and strengthen its architectural design and information security, while also alleviating other web-based application concerns to ensure that they were properly configured to meet industry standards and compliance requirements.

WCG STRATEGY/SOLUTION: Wilson Consulting Group (WCG) was contracted to address the performance and security issues facing the utility company’s web-based application environment. WCG developed an approach that used leading information security techniques to identify vulnerabilities. To pinpoint security threats, WCG gathered information and reviewed existing documentation with the project team and company stakeholders.

WGC analyzed the state of the utility company’s web-based application and architectural design and then conducted a network infrastructure assessment and carried out system vulnerability and performance testing of all aspects of its website and application servers.

RESULTS: WCG found misconfiguration vulnerabilities in their underlying software components which could harm their web servers, application platforms, databases, networks and frameworks. WCG also discovered network bottlenecks which caused data flow to slow down to the slowest point in the data path. This slowdown affected application performance, especially for databases and other heavy transactional applications. Bottlenecks develop over time because administrators fail to track the increasing demands on network and data storage components.

WCG fixed the bottleneck issues and reduced the operating risk level to a minimum by customizing its configurations. The remediation of these findings greatly reduced threats and improved security measures. The technical architectural design was modified, compliance with industry guidelines were implemented, and upgrade recommendations were made to improve performance, speed, and stability.Completion of this project provided a full optimization solution that satisfied the company.

Track Record