The African Market Case History

SCENARIO: The continent of Africa is developing at a steady pace.Its impressive growth rate has brought tremendous benefits, but also several technological challenges. Some of the specific challenges identified within Sub-Saharan Africa in particular are:

  • Limited access to internet services and connectivity
  • Limited access to viable information technology solutions and services
  • The need for upgraded information technology equipment
  • Difficulty in acquiring basic information technology knowledge and training
  • Limited access to basic computing devices that help small businesses, educational institutions and large corporation maximize output

Given Africa’s growth and challenges, Wilson Consulting Group (WCG) was contracted to deliver specific services to enhance the development of information technology in Sub-Saharan countries.

WCG STRATEGY/SOLUTION: WCG collaborated with businesses and government agencies to gain a better understanding of the existing IT challenges facing Sub-Saharan Africa.  WCG researched and evaluated the current IT infrastructure of those countries. This was done to determine the most suitable solutions and services to match their needs.  Based on the results of the assessment, WCG designed and implemented the most viable solutions to match their available budget.

The cost-effective solutions and services provided to resolve the identified challenges included:

  • Laptops were supplied to businesses and government agenciesto improve technological efficiency and to facilitate learning in secondary and tertiary institutions.
  • Tablets were provided to enhance the online experience for businesses and institutions and increase productivity at work and schools.
  • Servers were supplied to provide a secure collaborative experience to improve data processing and storage.
  • Routers and switches were supplied to achieve improved networking access and data transfer, and to help resolve connectivity issues.
  • Mobile devices (IP phones and smart phones) were provided to improve communication and make the communication process more effective.

Once the solution selection and implementation phases were completed, training programs were designed to meet the needs of the specific countries.  These programs helped with knowledge transfer and proper application of the supplied solutions.

RESULTS: WCG effectively assisted government agenciesand businesses in Sub-Saharan Africa to overcome their technological challenges and achieve their goals.  As a result of the solutions and services provided, these organizations were able to achieve the following:

  • Improved wireless and Internet connectivity
  • Promote overall awareness of acquiring basic technology skill-sets
  • Assisted healthcare practitioners to provide better service to patients
  • Improved educational systems with upgraded equipment

Through its supply chain processes and information technology expertise, WCG successfully delivered services and solutions to businesses and government agencies.

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