Cyber Intelligence And Log Analytics

Cyber attacks take place on an industrial scale

The number of detected cybersecurity incidents and breaches continues to increase every year. In fact, the number of security incidents often doubles from year to year.

Organizations must meet these threats and challenges head-on. Advanced cyber intelligence solutions are necessary so that corporations and government agencies can detect threats early to avoid a potential data breach.

Wilson Consulting Group offers innovative solutions that can help defend your organization’s vital systems from sophisticated threats and malicious attacks.

WCG in conjunction with its partner, offers a comprehensive, effective and efficient tool that minimizes threats, prevents security breaches, and alerts users to unusual activity by monitoring networks in real-time.

Our solution will help organizations ensure network security by utilizing big data analytics – which provide insightful analysis and forensics into the overall data.

Our solution has the following key capabilities and features:

  • Extensive log capability, scalability and functionality
  • Stable, customizable, and compatible with all required logging needs
  • No significant impact on network performance
  • No data leakages or impact on the security of an organization’s confidential information

Flexible architecture with strong usability features

Cyber Security Services