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Shielding the Organization in the Fight Against Malware

Malware continues to be one of the top factors contributing to network compromise which may eventually lead to data breach.Malware attack has the costliest impact on organizations with an average total cost amounting to$2.4 million .This means close to $7,000 per day or $200,000 per month is incurred by victims acros


Do Not Be Held Hostage byRansomware Attacks

In 2016, the FBI warned of the rise of the incidents of ransomware. Since then, these malicious applications have continued to grow in sophistication. Evolving new cyberattack modelsare being developedresultingin attackers being able to launch more sophisticated and profitable attacks on a larger global scale. Consequently, the incidences of these


Developing Safeguards to Combat the Rise of ATM Malware

ATM is one of the great convenience of this modern financial age. However, ATMs have been plagued with increased attacks as criminals are exploiting hardware and software vulnerabilities to exploit ATMs to obtain large sums of cash.A Trend Micro andEuropol2017 Report[1] highlighted that the use of ATM malware ha


Boosting Your Security Posture with Security Analytics

With the rise of cyberincidents, organizations continue to search for effective tools and strategies to fight against cybercrimes and to build resilience in their environment. Based on the 2017 Trustwave Report[1], cyberincidents were spread across economic sectors and regions during the reporting year. Every si


The Real Benefits of Conducting Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT)

An organization, regardless of its size, purpose and location is susceptible to cybersecurity threats. This is so, once an organization has data and operates in a networked environment.The security landscape continues to show the growing incidence of security breaches, which is often due to poor or ineffective security measures and a reactive 

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