Industry Sectors

In today’s Internet-based economy, information and data that is processed for business purposes is of high economic value. Millions of public and private organizations are interconnected through computer networks. However, different industry sectors are often affected in unique ways by information technology (IT) and security, leading to a massive transformation of strategy and value chain activities for many firms. Information security is vitally important to organizations and government agencies because protecting their resources and meeting their objectives are necessary for success.

Technology is now a core component of many products that we use every day, while IT has revolutionized our notion of service. The ability to create IT-based solutions and services and to streamline, integrate, and synchronize internal operating and management processes are transforming industries and the firms within them.

Information security is equally important and must be taken into consideration at all stages of IT infrastructure planning and development. Information security addresses the universe of risks, benefits, and processes involved with data, which must be driven by executive management. Internet communication and electronic commerce applications can have tremendous benefits, but also have certain inherent risks and vulnerabilities.

Wilson Consulting Group (WCG) is effectively positioned to assist organizations in numerous industries to successfully achieve their objectives and transform and secure their IT environments and applications by providing expert IT governance, risk management, and compliance consulting services.

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