Government and Public Services

Government agencies are constantly looking for more efficient and effective IT governance, service, and security tools to address various challenges. From potential malicious cybersecurity breaches to increasingly complex compliance requirements, agencies require the proper knowledge and experience to meet these challenges.

Wilson Consulting Group’s (WCG) team of IT governance, risk management and compliance consultants and engineers understand that the challenges and needs of the government and public service industries are vast and demand creative, efficient, and viable solutions.

WCG provides the following services to domestic and international government entities to address their needs through these offerings:

Risk management solutions such as:

  • Developing and deployingsecurity plans, policies, procedures and enterprise risk management programs
  • Conducting cybersecurity assessments
  • Conducting assessments and tests, such as vulnerability assessments, application assessments, and penetration testing to protect sensitive information from internal and external malicious forces

Responding to the evolving challenges of regulatory compliance:

  • Assessing the current and future regulatory risk profile
  • Conducting impact assessment of new and existing regulations such as the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) and privacy standards
  • Equipping government agencies with the knowledge and techniques to understand how to incorporate privacy protections when working with personal information

Guiding government agencies to make strategic and cost-efficient decisions when incorporating new technologies by implementing effective IT governance solutions

Identifying critical issues in systems and applications and simplifying complex change where necessary

WCG has worked with several government agencies in the past and has received stellar results, making us a trusted business partner and advisor.

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