Power and Utilities Industry

The vast majority of the nation’s power generation comes from public utility companies. It is vital that these companies have secure information networks to protect against cyberattacks. Failure to identify network vulnerabilities can lead to security breaches and operational disruptions, reducing public confidence and harming the company’s reputation, or worse perhaps. Public utilities can meet these threats head-on by ensuring they have proper network security that meets compliance regulations.

In the growing power and utilities sector, companies face:

  • Numerous cybersecurity threats and risks that arise by not properly managing the baseline configuration of cyber assets.
  • Consolidations through mergers and new lines of business, which often force power companies to connect diverse legacy systems without considering security vulnerabilities that affect their delivery systems.
  • Compliance issues to effectively operate within the proper regulations and guidelines in the power and utilities industry to meet infrastructural requirements.

Power and utility companies must go through significant infrastructural changes to meet rapidly expanding service demands. Utility companies must also comply with North American Electric Reliability Council (NERC) guidelines to protect and regulate cybersecurity for the electric sector.

Wilson Consulting Group (WCG) can help your company meet these security challenges and regulatory hurdles. We offer a wide range of services that include threat identification, infrastructure vulnerability assessment, and detailed guidelines for protective measures to mitigate information security risks.

WCG’s holistic and practical approach to improve information security includes:

  • Comprehensive security and audit assessments
  • Vulnerability assessments that identify and eliminate existing security gaps
  • Evaluation and deployment of new security technologies in compliance with government and industry guidelines (NERC, CIP, ERO, DHS, and FERC)
  • Improved coordination between operations and corporate information security staff by establishing security awareness training programs
  • Web-application testing to examine system and security mechanisms, and identify web security weaknesses

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