Information Technology Solutions

Integrating the latest information technology (IT) into business and government operations poses many challenges. One of these challenges is protecting technological infrastructures.

Cyber criminals aren’t just interested in stealing. Many hackers use malicious techniques that can degrade, disrupt, or destroy critical technological infrastructures. An example of such a vulnerability is our power grids, which operate the physical processes of the nation’s electricity, pipelines, railroads, and other critical infrastructures. These areas are at an elevated risk of cyber exploitation by sophisticated hackers looking to cause mayhem.

The increasing automation of our critical infrastructures provides more cyber access points for adversaries to exploit. Newly developed and deployed technologies raise new security issues that cannot always be addressed prior to their deployment.

Wilson Consulting Group (WCG) can detect and thwart the proliferation of malicious techniques that could potentially damage critical technological infrastructures. We implement customized services and solutions that provide safeguards against cyber threats.

WCG helps organizations find the right IT solutions and mitigate risks brought about through noncompliance by:

  • Providing expertise on how to leverage cutting-edge technologies for business process improvement
  • Conducting information technology and security audits to adhere to regulatory mandates
  • Developing and implementing IT strategies and governance techniques to achieve optimal business value from IT
  • Implementing secure systems integration and aligning these systems with business goals and objectives
  • Providing expertise on how to leverage IT and intellectual assets to transform organizations
  • Establishing an information risk management program for effective information technology and security governance
  • Conducting IT and security research to provide businesses and government agencies with a competitive edge
  • Providing expertise to help organizations determine the most viable technological solutions to acquire and implement.

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