Security is vitally important in the design of enterprise systems because of the key role it plays in helping organizations meets their objectives by protecting their resources. As computer software and wireless telecommunication become more ubiquitous, and as people and organizations become increasingly dependent on networks and the Internet, there will be a higher risk of unmanageable failure in enterprise systems.

Information systems are more complex, widespread and interconnected over multiple networks than ever before. This inter-connectivity has countless benefits, but it also comes with certain risks. Being open and accessible can make an organization or individual more susceptible to countless cyber threats.

From a business perspective, information about customers, competitors, products and processes is a key ingredient for success. Information technology is vital to the stability and prosperity of most organizations. That’s exactly why businesses must implement and maintain proper network security measures. This is a major business activity that requires flexibility of organizational infrastructure and the ability to introduce new ways to use information technology.

In such a complex world, there is an absolute need for organizations to focus on network security to protect their operational activities.

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