As an ever-increasing amount of sensitive information flows across cyber space, the risks posed by prying eyes has never been greater. Our modern economic prosperity, both personal and institutional, depends on an open, secure, and reliable Internet. From smart phones to databases and cloud servers, maintaining secure networks is crucial to our economic and personal well-being. Cyber threats abound, making cybersecurity one of the most important industries of the 21st century. Sophisticated cyber threats must be met with sophisticated defenses and training.

How WCG will help you

Wilson Consulting Group offers a top-notch Cybersecurity Nexus (CSX) Training program for cybersecurity professionals looking to take their careers to the next level. CSX provides holistic and intensive training for those interested in entering the cybersecurity sector or those wanting to obtain advanced certification. Participants will receive practical, hands-on cybersecurity training and experience necessary to protect their organizations from a host of cyber threats.

Cybersecurity Nexus gives professionals cutting-edge training and teaches the latest methods, policies, and technologies needed to defend enterprises from cyber threats. CSX employs a combination of online training, webinars, virtual events, and live workshops and conferences to give participants a comprehensive experience. Participants will gain business and technical skills, work on high-level client projects, and gain professional mobility in the cybersecurity sector. CSX Practitioner Courses are divided into week-long series that focus on core cybersecurity concepts.

CSX Practitioner Course 1: Identification and Protection
CSX Practitioner Course 2: Detection
CSX Practitioner Course 3: Respond and Recover

We also offer the CSX Practitioner Boot Camp, a 5-day accelerated training course intended for professionals already established in the cyber security field.

Upon completion, participants will receive certifications that provide the credibility needed for cyber career mobility, enabling them to work across a variety of industry sectors. CSX’s Practitioner designation allows recipients to serve as first responders to cyber threats by employing the latest processes and procedures. This training program will also give participants the tools to engage in cybersecurity skill-building and learning during each step of their educational and professional career, ensuring that they will become competitive in the information technology, information security and cybersecurity industries.