Vulnerability Assessment Services

Numerous organizations from a wide swath of industries have recently reported a dramatic rise in intrusion attempts and cyber attacks.  This trend shows that:

  • Organizations are under cyber attacks from both inside and outside of their electronic perimeter
  • These intrusion attempts and cyber attacks are wide-ranging and complex
  • These attacks can result in serious financial losses

One way to determine the weaknesses of your organization’s information systems is by conducting a vulnerability assessment, which is a real-life test of an organization’s applications and systems to determine their resilience to internal and external security breaches.

How Wilson Consulting Group will help you

WCG’s Vulnerability Assessment service is an application and network security assessment designed to evaluate any threats and vulnerabilities to an organization’s information systems and environment. WCG assesses the resiliency of networks and devices that protect, process, store and transmit information. We also identify security issues that might compromise information, systems or devices.

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