Jamaican Government Security Solution

SCENARIO: A Jamaican government ministry needed to upgrade its IT security system to meet defined standards for safe, reliable, and secure transmission, processing and storage of sensitive data from other government agencies and the public. The ministry contracted Wilson Consulting Group (WCG) to design and implement a centralized first line of defense to improve data security.

WCG STRATEGY/SOLUTION: To meet specific security and compliance standards it was determined that the ministry needed to upgrade its system by installing new firewalls and implementing appropriate policy that would improve its security posture. WCG designed and implemented a comprehensive firewall solution for the ministry and upgraded its:

  • Policies and procedures
  • Virtual Private Networking (VPN)
  • Anti-virus techniques to detect network intrusions

Our solution also streamlined the ministry’s workflow and processes, making them easier to manage.

RESULTS: The WCG designed solution enhanced the security posture of the ministry’s IT firewall environment, which is connected to other critically important agencies that transmit data of a highly confidential nature. Ministry staff members were trained to operate and maintain the system. WCG exceeded all of the ministry’s requirements for improving the security of its IT system.

Track Record