Oil and Gas Industry

Information technology is critical to the oil and gas industry. The rising cost of oil and gas exploration has caused a demand for new technologies and innovative methods to manage projects ranging from technological security to business analyses. To remain competitive, companies must turn to technologies and business intelligence solutions that improve efficiency, boost productivity, and help identify new opportunities within the sector.

Despite improved technology, companies still struggle with turning crucial performance indicators into real-time production.Finding the right technological solutions can help companies better deal with issues such as economic downturn, decline in overall margins, and safety compliance.

Wilson Consulting Group (WCG) understands your specific business needs and provides practical business and technical solutions to address these issues. We implement these solutions in ways that add real value to companies. WCG’s methodologies are designed to bring together industry best practices, knowledge, and technological prowess.  This will enhance the capabilities of oil and gas companies to become more efficient in implementing different strategies to grow their businesses.

WCG provides:

  • Security awareness training to company staff to protect data confidentiality.
  • Revised organizational security policies, if required.
  • New technology frameworks for businesses to provide more effective ways of gathering and organizing data to improve asset productivity.
  • IT change management to help ensure that companies use standardized methods and procedures to efficiently handle changes in IT infrastructure that might stem from internal or external factors, such as new legislation.
  • Assistance to businesses in planning, organizing, securing, and managing resources using project management support to help companies achieve their business goals.
  • Business solutions and IT best practices to enhance user training and technology management techniques to achieve business objectives.

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